Cosmetics & Beautycare Packaging

An outstanding substrate for creative designs.

Make your packaging stand out!

Our products offer an outstanding basis for creative designs, strong visuals and sophisticated finishing.

In the cosmetics packaging segment needs to stand out on the shelf and catch a consumer’s attention at the point of sale. Cosmetics packaging is also an integral part of the overall brand image.

Promotional products and the frequent introduction of new products to the market are the additional challenges for the supply chain in the cosmetics packaging segment. Order lead times and production runs are getting shorter which creates additional complexity. The key features required for beautycare packaging are:
  • Creative design and shape to catch attention
  • Visual appeal with brilliant whites, deep blacks, excellent contrasts and bright colors
  • Creative finishing details
  • High quality consistency from one folding box to the next

Advantages for Beautycare Packaging Segment

Arktika® and Alaska® Plus meet the different needs of the cosmetics segment:

  • Great printability with strong colors and contrasts
  • Smooth surface for demanding finishing techniques
  • High versatility supports demanding designs and shapes
  • Industry-leading quality consistency for reliability
  • Strong fade resistance
  • The use of virgin fibers and biodegradability make our boards ideal plastic substitute
  • Kwidzyn X-Press Service for small orders with a short lead time

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