Folding Boxboard for Dry & Fast Food Packaging

Ideally chosen product features for demanding food producers’ requirements.

First and foremost – food safety!

We provide a wide product offering to this versatile packaging segment. Dry food packaging is a very versatile end use segment including packaging for food stored in room temperature (like pasta, rice, cookies and tea) to fast food boxes as well as packaging for cakes and pastries. The demands for packaging are equally versatile and demanding:

  • Protects the food from external factors like humidity and vapour
  • Provides strength and durability during transport, shelf life and during usage
  • Hygiene and cleanliness of the packaging are vital
  • Conveys clear product information to the consumer

Folding Boxboard – recommended products for Dry & Fast Food Packaging

ALASKA® PLUS was designed to meet the versatile requirements of the food packaging segment. ALASKA® PLUS features:
  • Great printability for a stand-out shelf appearance
  • Outstanding strength and stiffness
  • First-in-class efficiencies in packaging production and packing process
  • Reliability through a high quality consistency
  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Produced 100% from virgin fibers for material purity
  • Kwidzyn X-Press Service for small orders with a short lead time